Lò xo Weicco đặt sàn SMC 25mm

Cased Spring Mounts (SMC Series) Springs housed in telescoping close-grain cast iron casing with built-in leveling arrangement and acoustic friction pad. WEICCO SMC mount design provides horizontal stability, high loading capacity and protective spring enclosure. Inner walls of lower casing incorporate bonded resilient rubber snubbers which prevent binding or short-circuiting and limit lateral movement. Neoprene s are provided below springs as a second line of defense against noise transmission in bolted applications...a WEICCO innovation. Appropriate for practically all vibration isolation applications, including installations where equipment generates high horizontal thrust or is subject to wind pressure. Load rating: 50 to 6400Kg per mount

Lò xo Weicco  đặt sàn SMC 25mm

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  • Mã SP:SMC 25mm
  • Weicco:India
  • Giá bán:Liên hệ

WEICCO supplies a complete range of spring based isolators designed to minimize structural transmission of noise and vibration generated by mechanical systems. Typical applications include HVAC equipment (eg. chillers, pumps, fans, AHUs, cooling towers), HVAC piping and ducting, Riser piping installations, DG sets, Punch Presses, Drop Hammers etc. 

The standard types of products offered include :

  • Spring Mounts, such as Restrained Spring Mounts, for floor mounted equipment
  • Spring Hangers, such as Combination Spring Hangers, for suspended equipment
  • Thrust Restraints, for use with fans
  • Inertia Base Frames

In addition, customized isolator designs can be developed to suit specific equipment. 

Our spring mounts and hangers are manufactured according to the best principles of isolator design, and often incorporate features that exceed industry norms. For example - all mounts are provided with dual acoustic protection against transmission of high frequencies, open type mounts have extra deep retention cups for stability. Compromises such as welding of springs or the usage of excessive numbers of small springs to boost isolator capacity are strictly avoided. 

Being well established spring manufacturers (unlike most other isolator suppliers) serving various industries, we continually upgrade our springs as superior high tensile strength wire materials become available. This results in safer springs with very low operating stresses and longer life. 

We offer full technical backup in areas like product selection and application, design of Mechanical Equipment Room isolation systems, sizing of inertia bases, vibration isolation efficiency calculations etc. 

Compliance: WEICCO Springs are designed according to British Standard BS 1726 (Part 1) and recommendations made by SAE (US) and ASHRAE. Spring Design Features :

  • Springs are laterally stable, with a horizontal stiffness of minimum 100% of vertical stiffness.
  • Spring diameter to operating height ratios range from 0.85 to 1.0.
  • Springs have overload capacity of 50% beyond their rated loads.

Standard Deflection: Isolators are available with spring deflections of 25mm and 50mm at rated load as standard. Higher deflections are available on application. 

Finish: Springs and metal isolator bodies are epoxy powder coated, rated at 1000 hours salt spray testing as per ASTM B117. 

Color Coding: All springs are color coded 

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