Lò xo treo Weicco model PCSH

Lò xo treo Weicco model PCSH chất lượng cao và giá cả rất cạnh tranh

Lò xo treo Weicco model PCSH

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  • Mã SP:PCSH
  • Weicco:India
  • Giá bán:Liên hệ

Hangers supplied with springs precompressed using compression plate and adjustment nut. Designed to minimize change in level of pipe / equipment caused by weight changes during system start-up, maintenance and seismic activity. Particularly recommended for installation with large piping. Frame includes printed deflection scale. Exclusive threaded rod coupler provided. Integral projecting bush provided below cup to prevent metal to metal contact. Hanger cage designed to accommodate lower suspension rod misalignment over a 30o arc. Suitable for seismically restrained as well as general installations. Load rating: 25 to 3200Kg per hanger.

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