Lò xo Weicco đặt sàn SMF 25mm

Lò xo đặt sàn Weicco model SMF 25mm chất lượng cao giá cả cạnh tranh

Lò xo Weicco  đặt sàn SMF 25mm

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  • Mã SP:SMF
  • Weicco:India
  • Giá bán:Liên hệ

Open type mounts with springs assembled in cups. All SMF mounts incorporate the dual safety features of extra deep cups and extended bases - thereby ensuring the highest level of stability achievable for unhoused mounts. Built-in leveling arrangement and neoprene acoustic friction pad provided. Suitable for any installation where mounted equipment is not subject to significant horizontal thrust or wind pressure. Load rating: 25 to 1600Kg per mount.

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